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We were blown away by the amazing turnout at the auditions for Seussical Jr. We were impressed with the talent and courage that was shared during this process. Please know that we tried to accommodate as many children as possible. If you weren’t given the opportunity to be part of the show this year, please come back next year. For this cast, there was an age minimum of 7 years old, so unless there was a specific role, all kids under that age were left off the cast list. If you have any questions, or feel a mistake was made please feel free to email us at racseussical@gmail.com.

Reminder: First read through is TOMORROW, Thursday, Aug. 31st at 6:00-7:30 p.m. (cast only). There is a Mandatory Parent meeting (with cast members) afterward from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Please notify us immediately if you cannot attend and plan to accept your role.

So without further explanation, here is the cast list for RAC’s Seussical Jr!
*Please understand that this list is a work in progress. There are still highlighted/featured parts that will be assigned over the next few weeks.*​
*Denotes Single Cast

CAT IN THE HAT: *Riley Castagno

THING 1: Madelyn Warr
Alli Sorenson
THING 2: Elizabeth Anderson
Kristin Nani

JOJO: *Parker Young

HORTON: *Samuel Cooper

GERTRUDE: Hannah VanLeeuwen
(double cast) Emma Otis

MAYZIE: *Joslynn Tatton

SUPPREMES: *Cassie Rees
(BIRD GIRLS) *Laurel Dalton
*Kaelin Twede
(double cast) Emma Otis/
Hannah VanLeeuwen

BIRD GIRLS: Elle Brimhall
(Double Cast) Katelee McArthur
Juniper Cocanour
Katelyn Anderson
Alexia Young
Leah Wagstaff

LEAD WICK #3: “Pommu” Elias Morris 
WICK #2: “Nikko” Staley Binks 
WICK #3: “Anita” Ava Jane Quincy 
WICKERSHAM: “Po” Ethan Smith 
WICKERSHAM: “Gigi” Hope Thomas

SOUR KANGAROO: *Adrie Twede 

(double cast) Julia Buckner

VLAD: Cas Simpson 
Rhea Pickering 

YERTLE: * Bryson Steck

MR. MAYOR: Carter Larson

MRS. MAYOR: Grace Colvin
(double cast) Sierra Cowley

WHO MOMS (Double Cast) 
Holland Simpson
Lucy Lundberg
Kylie Hallett 
Julia Taylor 
Stella Moss
Lilly Leggat
Danity Reyes
WHO DADS (double cast)
Isaac Nokes 
Tyler Kevern 
Sebastian Reys 
Dylan Armstrong

Ryann Kevern
MaLee Adams

CINDY LOU WHO: (Doubled)
Millie Snow 
Victoria Lundberg

SAM I AM (Who) 
Ethan Merchant

MISSUS UMBROSO (Who) (Doubled) 
Amora Johnson 
Mary Christensen

Katie Smith
Lexi Jacobson
Karli Kevern 
Bella Reyes 
Christy Higginson
Ella Hodges

WHOS (Double Cast) 
Kate Simpson 
Grace Simpson 
Charlotte Lundberg 
Claire Lundberg 
Victoria Lundberg 
Tanner Sorenson 
Amora Johnson 
Lizette Barton
Emma Chapman 
Mariangel Fragoso
Christine Taylor
Molly Mills 
Madison Eyre 
Willow Douglas
Michelle Barton
Hannah Hilton
Ally Browning 
Ava Catron
Charlie Colvin
Dallin Gibb
Macyn Gibb 
Gretel Carey
Emily Dailey
Paige Dailey 
Matthew Taylot
Collin Taylor 
Ty Armstrong 
Sydney Merchant 
Addison Bennett (Dance Leader)
Molly Scott

JUNGLE Double Cast
Jaicee Twede 
Grace VanLeeuwen
Featured Dancers/Jungle
*DANCE CAPTAIN: Emilee Barlow
Dance Leader: Kyleena Balash 
Amy Jensen
Morgan Heninger 
Rachel Meheill
Keira Erwin
Kyleena Balash 
Casaday Bennet 
Zoie Anderen 
Abbee Phelps 
Gracee Lee

Naomi Perkins 
Charlotte Mills 
Maile Gallegos 
Reagan Mills 
Madelyn Call 
Sara Riches 
Antonella Lee

*Arianna (Ari) DeGraaff **(Tumble Leader) 
*Madison Cook (Ring Master) – Hula Hoop 
Emily Cowley (Tumbler) 
Erin Phelps (Tumbler) 
Kennedy Sorenson (Tumbler) 
Emma Carlile (Tumbler) 
Lauren Ginn (Tumbler) 
Milena Ginn (Tumbler) 
Imani Pace (Tumbler) 
Tori Hildebranch (Tumbler only) 
Ruby Banks (Tumbler) 
Luke Dalton 
Emma VanLeeuwen 
Arianna Pickering (Anna) 
Elly Lee
Sara Riches 
Tomas Hauptman (Only Circus) 
Aurora Silver (Only Circus) 
Bridger Dalton (Only Circus)

JUNGLE (Doubled) 
Connor Twede
Rylee Sanchez 
Brynlee Dalton
Parley Banks
Esperanza Hauptman 
Tressa McQuivey
Ashley Hopper
Quincee Hamilton
Landon Ginn 
Amelia Perkins 
Lincoln Mills 
Mary Mills
Cecilie Thomas 
Kayson Thomas 
Emily Williams 
Ryker Ballash 
Hannah Howells 
Caleb Howells
Luke Howells 
Brecken Watts 
Hannah Harmon 
Ximena Hamptman