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Dave Argyle & DBA Photography
Specializing in sports, events and action photography

Dave Argyle is a photographer located near Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in sports and other action-filled events, particularly those with difficult lighting conditions such as night games, gyms, indoor arenas and stages.  He uses high-end professional equipment and software along with specialized lights when necessary. Visit his website and explore his galleries and collections.

We here at the Riverton Arts Council are so very happy to work with such a talented professional and creative photographer. It is always an exciting day when Dave enters our rehearsals, set up his equipment, and quietly roams the theater snapping action shots from the stage, and capturing the moments behinds scenes; laughter in the green room, dancing in hallways, singing of the stage hands, and much much more! His photographs become something unique that for everyone involved, helps to remind of the experience in our theatre.

Thank you Dave for Continuing your amazing services with us!!