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Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center Auditorium
12830 S Redwood Rd.
Riverton UT 84065


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    Add me to your mailing listContact - Rental of costume/PropsContact - rental of technical equipment/technical servicesQuestions on volunteeringQuestions on donatingReport ticketing IssueOther (please define)


    If you, or your child, is in a cast and have questions about the production do not contact the arts council through this form.

    Direct your questions to the productions’ stage manager.

    Please look at our event calendar before asking about when / what we are doing for our productions, auditions, and events.

    Please do not email asking about auditions or production dates that are not listed in generic zolpidem events, if it is not posted there the information has not been released to the public.

    Note: This website is as up to date on information as has been made public. Emails that ask information that can be found on events page, as well as information that has not been released to the public, may not be answered.

    Information on Renting: To rent the building, please contact Riverton City. Rental of props, scenery, and other items will be considered on an individual basis. Please allow us ample time to consider the rental. Rentals will include a rental fee, a stocking/restocking fee, and a rental deposit to insure items are returned and returned in good condition.

    Technical Services: Information on renting Technical services such as lighting and sound services for your event can be found on this downloadable PDF.